The Family Countryside Library: A Solution for All Seasons

Our aims are ambitious. We wanted to help mothers work and give women independence. We wanted activities for kids and families. We wanted organic farming education. We wanted to prompt discussions on important topics: child abuse, parenting, Honduran culture, business management, and more. We wanted Las Manos to become more creative, more organized, and more entrepreneurial.

And we thought a family countryside library was the solution. What’s more, it’s a solution for all seasons.

When mothers need to work on the farm, to harvest the coffee and dry the cherries, the children can stay at the library to be taken care of. And at other times of year, when people do not have to work such long hours on the farm, it is a place for anyone in the community.

We took inspiration from Human Farm/La Finca Humana. We knew that organic agriculture and education can bring communities together.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. — Hellen Keller

Perfect Daily Grind

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