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Biblioteca Rural Familiar is a project initiated in Honduras and Nicaragua by Women Coffee Growers from Las Manos Coffee in Honduras (Claudia & Sabrina Albir) and Cafetos de Segovia in Nicaragua (Martha y Ana Albir)

This ladies started first by setting out to rescue the families coffee farm – but ended up establishing a family countryside library, because they saw the need to empower the communities, the social aspect that goes around the coffee Industry and a place for children to stay in the meantime their parents work.

In Honduras, is as renowned for its good coffee as it is for its social issues: crime, poverty, femicide, and unemployment. In 2014, World Bank put the poverty rate at 62.8%.

As Nicaragua’s environment suffers high rates of deforestation, soil erosion and water contamination, the 108,000 hectares of coffee land become increasingly important for their production of environmental services. Coffee Regions are known for their floral aromas, distinctive flavor and bright acidity

Yet we believe a library for the community can be a little heaven to be united and to organize events, activities that could improve the life of women, children, boost families’ incomes, and discuss the production of better coffee and more.


We will be selling coffee that is been harvested in this areas and that will benefits this community, the hands from this bags will be done from all the people from the village, not just that we are happy to say this area has been Winner of Cup of Excellence 2017 in Honduras and 2nd place Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua.